Police break up 30 youngsters flouting Covid rules in abandoned house

covid rules
Youngsters had packed into the house in Osborne Road, New Milton

POLICE broke up a gathering of about 30 youngsters at an abandoned house in New Milton in breach of Covid-19 regulations.


The incident in Osborne Road last Friday night came exactly a week after officers were abused by a group of youths who refused to wear face coverings in a store in Station Road.

It has prompted a call from the police that parents ensure their children understand the rules.

Under the current government regulations aimed at reducing the spread of coronavirus, no more than six people from different households are allowed to gather indoors or outdoors – known as the Rule of Six.

Responding to the call-out to Osborne Road shortly before 10.30pm, officers ejected the youngsters from the building.

However, the group continued to loiter in the streets outside, leading to a 12-hour dispersal order being enforced.

In addition to Osborne Road, this banned them from gathering in the areas of the nearby railway line, Whitefield Road, Ashley Road and Oak Road.

Posting on social media afterwards, PCSO Amy Blake said: “It has been a running theme over the past few weekends whereby officers have been given a verbal onslaught by groups of youths in the New Milton town area while operating in the line of duty.

“We ask if you are a parent, please have this conversation with your teenagers. We try our best, and our jobs are not made any easier by groups of youths hurling verbal abuse and not complying with our directions.”

As reported in the A&T, PCSO Alan McCaffery hit out at a “small minority” of teens and adults who refused to wear masks in New Milton shops.

He said that while patrolling Station Road on the night of Friday 25th September he encountered “hostility and open disregard for order in a time when all of us are having to sacrifice so much”.

PCSO McCaffery warned that those who flout the rules risk a £200 fine.

Reacting to news of last Friday’s incident in Osborne Road, town mayor Cllr Alvin Reid emphasised it was a small minority of youngsters who were going against the pandemic regulations.

“Any breach is bad. We’re all struggling to try and keep to the regulations, but unfortunately there are a few people who believe the regulations don’t apply to them,” he told the A&T.

“We should educate them so that they understand the impact it could have on their family and their grandparents if they catch the virus.

“All the data shows that young people are quite safe – if they catch it, it would usually be just a mild attack. But if they were to pass it on to their parents or grandparents, they would probably be mortified.

“Chastising them doesn’t always do so much good. We should educate them first to ensure they know what they must do and, if they don’t heed the warning, take alternative action to try and improve their behaviour.”

Cllr Reid added: “We’re conscious that most kids are good and understanding but, as is the case across the whole of society, there is always a few who think the rules don’t apply to them.”

In Bournemouth, Dorset Police fined a local 19-year-old man £200 for hosting an illegal birthday party with 18 guests at a flat off Manor Road on the same night.



  1. Perhaps they should be put to work looking after people with Covid-19
    Then they could see for themselves what a horrible virus it is.


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