Newlyweds’ 90-mile trip to bring celebrations to screened-off bride’s grandfather at Lymington care home

court lodge
Graham Burley joins granddaughter Alex and her new husband Phillip for a glass of bubbly at Colten Care’s Court Lodge care home in Lymington

A NEWLYWED couple made a cross-country dash after tying the knot to ensure the bride’s grandfather could share their big day despite being in lockdown in a local care home.


Graham Burley (87) was unable to attend his granddaughter Alex’s wedding to Phillip Pearce in Somerset – so they decided to bring the magic of the ceremony to him by traveling to where he lives at Colten Care’s Court Lodge in Lymington.

A special see-through screen was set up in the reception of the home for Graham to sit behind so he could still see and talk to Alex when she arrived in her beautiful wedding gown.

The couple showed him video and photos of their wedding, and he enjoyed a glass of champagne to toast their future, followed by a piece of wedding cake.

Graham enjoys bubbly and cake as he chats to Alex and Phillip

Graham said: “It was emotional, and I did shed a few tears. It meant so much to me to get to see Alex in the beautiful white wedding dress she wore on her special day.”

Staff at the home laid on bubbly and homemade cake, and welcomed Alex and Phillip with cheers when they arrived.

Alex said: “We were thrilled to make grandad part of our special day. In such difficult times, keeping him safe from the virus was our top priority.

“We really wanted him to feel included in our wedding, so we dressed up and, thanks to Court Lodge, were able to have champagne and cake with him.

“It was incredibly special to visit him.”

Julia Puia, the home’s companionship team leader, said: “We knew this was a very special visit and so we wanted to do all we could to help.

“It was lovely to see Graham with his granddaughter and her new husband enjoying some precious together.

“We congratulate the new Mr and Mrs Pearce and wish them all the very best for married life.”