County titles for Hardley Runners’ Jane and Malc

Hardley Runners at the Hampshire Cross Country Championships: Callum Tanner, Nathan Renyard, Malc Renyard, Mick Anglim and Paddy Butler

HARDLEY RUNNERS’ Jane Hodge and Malc Renyard have won their age categories at the Hampshire Cross Country Championships.


Jane was crowned the women’s 60 years champion over an 8.4k course and Malc was the top men’s 70 years 12k runner at last weekend’s event held at Fairthorne Manor.

Hardley men (12K): 91, Callum Tanner, SM, 62, 48:30:00; 107, Nathan Renyard, M40, 17, 49:55:00; 155, Paddy Butler, M55, 11, 54:43:00; 166, Malcolm Renyard, M70, 1, 56:18:00; 175, Mick Anglim, M70, 2, 59:12:00. Hardley women (8.4K): 75, Jane Hodge, W60, 1, 42:49:00.