Warning over coronavirus vaccine text scam

Warning over coronavirus vaccine scam
The vaccine is available only on the NHS and is free of charge (picture: Owen Humphreys-PA)

RESIDENTS are urged to beware Covid-19 vaccination scammers asking for financial details.


By last Thursday, Action Fraud had received 57 reports of text messages claiming to be from the NHS, offering the opportunity to sign up for a jab.

The texts ask the recipient to click on a link taking them to an online form which asks for personal and financial details. Some of the forms look very similar to the real NHS website.

The latest scam comes via text message

Action Fraud head Pauline Smith said: “Remember, the vaccine is only available on the NHS and is free of charge.

“The NHS will never ask you for details about your bank account or to pay for the vaccine.”

Those who receive suspicious texts should forward them to free number 7726, and suspicious emails should be forwarded to report@phishing.gov.uk

This warning comes as City of London Police hunt a fraudster who injected a 92-year-old woman with a fake Covid-19 vaccine. The man had called at the victim’s home in Surbiton and charged her £160 for the jab. Thankfully, she showed no ill effects from the injection.

Fraud should be reported to Action Fraud as soon as possible by calling 0300 123 2040 or visiting www.actionfraud.police.uk



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