Vandals wreck clifftop coronavirus precaution signs four times in a month

coronavirus signs vandals
The signs at Hordle cliff have been damaged at least four times in a month

VANDALS have repeatedly wrecked clifftop signage urging people to take precautions during the coronavirus pandemic.


The banners and plaques, put up by New Forest District Council along Hordle Cliff at Milford, were attacked during Monday night in at least the fourth such incident of criminal damage in a month.

A local resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, discovered the latest vandalism while walking his dog on Tuesday morning.

Large banners that advise people to maintain social distancing had been cut away from their boards, and several smaller two-metre distance reminder signs had also been destroyed.

“It looks like whoever has been doing this has really got it in for not wanting to be reminded of the rules, which I think is really sad,” the villager said.

“I feel quite annoyed about what I see. Last time the signs were individually pulled up and broken up.

“I think the council spent more time and more money putting some more robust signs up.”

A spokesperson for NFDC said lightweight Covid signage originally installed along Hordle Cliff in May 2020 was replaced in mid-January.

“The original foamex signs were either missing or damaged,” the spokesperson said. “This was due largely to the weather, some vandalism and the temporary nature of the material.

“They were replaced with a more robust sign which had previously been purchased in July 2020.

“This sign is made from a sandwich of aluminium and composite and has no scrap value.”

But several of these new signs were found to have been ripped from the clifftop shelter by the car park opposite Camden Hurst during an NFDC site inspection on 28th January. They were again replaced.

Then, last Tuesday, more signs were found damaged at a clifftop shelter near Paddy’s Gap car park, with discarded pieces and screw heads scattered around. Work to replace these was due to take place this week.