Covid-enforced isolation of school bubble called off early

coronavirus hordle school
An infection at Hordle CE Primary School was confirmed on Friday (picture: Google)

A BUBBLE of schoolchildren who were initially told to self-isolate after a confirmed case of coronavirus have been told they no longer need to, following advice from Public Health England.


Hordle Primary School said in a post on Twitter it had been made aware of its first positive case on 23rd October, calling it “a sad day”.

The statement from executive headteacher Fiona Adams said: “Thank you to my team who followed our carefully planned protocols professionally and calmly and to the affected parents for their words of support and encouragement at a very difficult time.

“I’m pleased to confirm that, at this time, there are no other cases in the school and no members of staff have been tested this week.”

Later she added that she had spent time with the senior consultant on duty at Public Health England and they had gone over the timelines of the infected person.

She added: “Having undertaken a very thorough review, I am delighted to inform you that the bubble can now reopen and families no longer have to self-isolate. I know that this will be good news for everyone and I wish you all the wonderful, fun and relaxing holiday [half term] you all deserve.”