Clean up Lymington’s ‘neglected’ quay, council urged

clean lymington quay
Lymington Quay in happier times

CALLS have been made to urgently improve the appearance of Lymington’s “neglected” Town Quay.


The Lymington Society has written to New Forest District Council describing the popular site as the community’s “jewel in the crown” and urging action to tackle dirty pavements, loose paving and weeds.

It requested NFDC, which is the landowner, to make the repairs and also bring forward some of the £700,000 of planned improvements delayed by the pandemic to be in time for the tourist season starting in the spring.

The request was backed by Lymington mayor Cllr Anne Corbridge who said: “Pending the outcome on the future development of the quay it needs to be tidied up and kept in good order.

“It is looking a bit tired and needs a good clean-up.”

As reported in the A&T, there are ambitious plans to redevelop the whole area with a new toilet and shower block with viewing platform above, plus reducing spaces in the car park to make a more inviting public space.

But the Lymington Society said that as the improvements will likely not be completed until 2022 something needs to be done to clean up the quay now.

Lymington mayor Anne Corbridge

In its letter to NFDC, written by deputy chair Don MacKenzie, it said there are “weeds growing around the benches, dirty stained paved areas needing a good power washdown, benches sanding down and varnishing, loose cobblestones in the road and a general feeling of neglect”.

It added: “In addition to some TLC for the physical parts of the quay, might it not be possible to try and bring forward some of the ‘public realm’ improvements to try and create a much nicer ‘cafe culture’ feel to the area now rather than delay those changes until the toilets are finished in 2022?”

In light of the pandemic, the society also suggested that more space on pavements should be made available for food outlets to put out tables and chairs, perhaps in the car park, making it safer to congregate on the quay.

It added: “Let us try and think creatively to make the most of this important area which is, after all, the jewel in the crown for the tourist attractions of Lymington.

“We hope that with the huge damage to the economy of the town because of the coronavirus, our local councils can work together to help create a welcoming, attractive area for the many tourists who come to Lymington and visit the quay area.”

NFDC said in a statement that after receiving the society’s letter on Monday, it will consider its suggestions.

It added: “We will do an inspection of the area to identify any minor improvement works that can be undertaken through our current maintenance budgets.”



  1. Perhaps the allocation of the £700k should be reviewed in light of the impact the pandemic has had on the towns & villages in the area – perhaps some costed options could be considered whereby the quay has a ‘refresh’ but also look at how to freshen up High Streets & Village Centers in other areas

    Perhaps any available funding including the mentioned £700K for the quay could be combined into a ‘Build Back Better’ post Covid programme ?

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