Labour party chair resigns over ‘rudeness and divisiveness’ of members

Christchurch Labour
Andy Dunne, former chair of the Christchurch Labour party

THE chair of the Christchurch Labour party has quit in protest at fellow members’ “rudeness and divisiveness”.


Andy Dunne has stepped down after more than a year in charge, ahead of the turbulent group’s annual general meeting next week when it will choose someone to take his place.

He blamed the conflict on people “intent on causing trouble”, and expressed “zero faith” in the party at regional level to do anything about it.

He announced his departure on Facebook, confirming his support for Jeremy Corbyn and his intention to stay a Labour member.

“I have been dismayed to bear witness to the way some of our members across the area behave towards each other,” Mr Dunne said.

“And the rudeness and divisiveness I’ve seen, heard and endured has led me to the conclusion that some people are more intent on causing trouble and preventing the evolution of our local politics that is so sorely needed, in favour of some kind of ideological purity.

“There are no real solutions to this locally right now, and I have zero faith in our regional oversight on anything, despite various efforts I’ve made personally.”

He added: “I’d urge everyone to support each other, support our candidates and those who put themselves forward for representation, and remember that just doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is never going to be the way.”

He said his decision was also because he wanted to focus more on youth club where he had started working in Somerford.

As reported in the A&T, Mr Dunne (40) was elected chair in March 2018 and took office with a determination for the party to work more closely with the community.

In the May local elections he unsuccessfully stood for Labour in the Burton and Grange ward of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council.

He lives in Walkford having moved from Lymington. He worked for 14 years as a detective for Hampshire Police.