Charity offers 5,000 trees for those with a growing urge to plant

charity trees
The Barker-Mill Foundation has launched Promise to Plant to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

THE charity arm of a major local landowner is branching out to donate 5,000 trees for planting in areas including the New Forest.


The Barker-Mill Foundation is celebrating its 25th anniversary by launching Promise to Plant, which aims to provide trees during 2020/21 to beneficiaries across the district, as well as Southampton and Test Valley.

Since being started by the Barker-Mill family in 1995, the Foundation has donated more than £4m to a wide range of local organisations and charities.

It said Promise to Plant was part of a wider commitment to creating a more sustainable future and greener environment.

Trustee Tim Jobling said: “Planting a tree is something everyone can do, and the benefits are immense from helping to fight climate change by locking up carbon to fighting flooding.

“Trees reduce pollution and nurture wildlife, and their majesty adds to the beauty of our surroundings.”

Campaign packs of how to get involved will be sent out after the Covid-19 lockdown. Tree donation requests are also invited from those the Foundation has supported over the years.

Requests can be emailed to with details of the organisation, planting site and desired effect on the environment. Tree donations are set to be received by the end of October for planting to start in November.

For more information about the Foundation visit