VIDEO: Lymington Perfumery raider caught on CCTV ‘sweeping the shelves’



A THIEF has been captured on CCTV stealing dozens of bottles of expensive perfume from a Lymington shop.

The Perfumery in the High Street was targeted at around 9.30pm on Sunday after the front door was kicked in.

An employee, who asked not to be named, told the A&T: “He just swept the shelves. Then came behind the till to take the Chanel which is kept there. He even took the testers!

“The thief was in and out literally in two minutes.

“The insurance bill, including repairing the damage, will run into the thousands.”

It is thought around 60 bottles in total were taken.

The employee said the owners of the shop had been “finding things really tough during the pandemic” adding: “This is really the last thing they needed, things are tough enough.

“The Perfumery was also raided by thieves nearly a year ago, so it is just sad that it has happened again.”

Police investigations into the raid are ongoing.

* This article has been updated to reflect court-related restrictions