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Letters: No deal Brexit is still better than a bad deal

SIR – It is not difficult to understand why Brexit is deadlocked. In June 2016 the British people voted to leave the EU in the referendum primarily to regain our full national independence, limit and...
Gill and Wayne Loveland

Gill Loveland: helped run company transporting world’s most precious cars

A WOMAN who for decades was responsible for the global transportation of some of the world’s most valuable cars has died aged 60. Gill Loveland, of Blackfield, had been a director of Marchwood-based Polygon International...
MP Tobias Ellwood, Dr Henry Goodall and Second World War veteran Laurie Weede

Modern technology tells stirring story of RAF’s New Forest airfields

NEW state-of-the-art displays telling the story of New Forest airfields during the Second World War has been unveiled at a memorial and heritage centre in Bransgore. The Friends of the New Forest Airfields (FONFA) welcomed...

Letters: It’s the Brexit hardliners who are the saboteurs

SIR - In the referendum vote in June 2016 the voters were asked two questions, Leave or Remain. There was nothing there about the World Trade Organisation, or a hard or soft  Brexit. The Government...

From Our Files: a soldier dress thief, prisoner promoted, and a Lyndhurst queues solution?

75 YEARS AGO EVIDENCE that an alleged absentee was wearing women’s clothing, including a fur coat, was given at Lymington Borough police court, when a fusilier was remanded in custody by the Mayor, charged with...

Villagers discover grave of naval hero who inspired Nelson to win Battle of Trafalgar

IN an unmarked grave in a corner of All Saints Church in Milford lies a man worshipped by Nelson as his greatest mentor, life-saver and inspiration to victory at the Battle of Trafalgar. One of...
A vinatge camera

Charity shop seeking mystery donor of ‘substantial’ camera collection

THE manager of a charity shop is attempting to trace a man who donated his late father's camera collection after it raised a “substantial” amount for the organisation. The man, who did not give his...

Dropped Radio Solent DJ’s biggest fan petitions for return to the airwaves

AN avid Radio Solent listener has started a petition to get her favourite presenter reinstated after he has been taken off the air following 45 years of service. Margaret Amy was left saddened and dismayed...
White van driving

Letters: van company responds to parking complaints

SIR – In response to a letter that appeared in last week’s paper regarding the parking of vehicles in Barton and surrounding areas. I would like to firstly say that not all the vehicles people...

Reflections: Early New Forest churches with ancient origins

THE early New Forest churches are characterised by two qualities: the first is that the sites chosen tended to be on elevated mounds or ridges and the second is poverty. We must assume they were...
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