Cyclist’s failed attempt to dump cannabis during police pursuit

cannabis new milton
The teenager was stopped after appearing to ride away from police

A CYCLIST who tried to throw away cannabis while being pursued by police was among those caught as officers cracked down on drugs in New Milton.


PCSO Lawrence was patrolling the town centre on his bicycle on Tuesday when he spotted the teenager, a known drug dealer, and followed when he appeared to ride away from him.

Catching up with the youth in a cul-de-sac, PCSO Lawrence was joined by acting Sgt Wood and a drugs search was carried out.

Suspecting the teenager had thrown drugs away when he stopped, officers searched the area and a quantity of cannabis wrapped in foil was found.

The youngster was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply a class B drug, and a search of his home address uncovered evidence of drug dealing, along with more cannabis.

A local police Facebook post said: “This is the fourth time in four months that the male has been arrested for drug dealing and we will be looking at prosecution using powers under the Proceeds of Crime Act to claim money the male has made illegally.”

On the same day, officers patrolling the town searched four people and as a result, seized cannabis from two of them and issued one ticket for a motorist using their phone while driving.

Another offender was caught trying to cover their tracks yesterday when a patrolling officer spoke to two suspicious males at the railway station. One of them ran off and was seen discarding drugs into a hedge when he was stopped a short distance away.

He was searched and the drugs were recovered, and the police Facebook post said he was “appropriately dealt with and advised not to run off again”.

Advice was also given to another man found smelling strongly of cannabis at the railway station. After a search found no sign of the drug, he admitted having just smoked some.