‘Shop local, save jobs’ – campaign for business bounce-back

Lymington shops
Ian Ellis from the Lymington Chamber of Commerce (left) and Donald Mackenzie of the Lymington Society

A CAMPAIGN has been launched in Lymington to encourage people to use their local retailers in a bid to reboot the economy.


Civic group the Lymington Society came up with the “shop local, save jobs” project, which also has the support of the local chamber of trade, following the recent reopening of businesses after the three-month coronavirus closure.

Banners will be displayed in the town and on roads approaching the centre, and posters will be distributed to shops and community facilities.

Residents and retailers can also download a poster from the Lymington Society’s website to display in their windows.

Lymington shops
A banner for Lymington’s ‘shop local, save jobs’ campaign

The society’s spokesperson, Don Mackenzie, told the A&T: “We all know how hard the retail sector has been hit by the three-month lockdown, which whilst very necessary, has caused havoc with the finances of many business and especially those of non-essential shops.

“This is on top of the pressure that shops were already facing from the internet and this was evident even before the lockdown, with increasing numbers of empty shops in the town.”

As reported in the A&T, earlier this month the group urged Hampshire County Council not to proceed with new on-street car parking charges in Lymington High Street. Work on the plans has been pushed back until September at the earliest.

The society said the move would have been  “the last straw” for hard-pressed shop owners struggling to recover from the lockdown.

Mr Mackenzie added: “We are very pleased to see that they have now had a change of heart on these charges.”

Urging people to support the town’s traders, Mr Mackenzie asked residents to “think before they click” and give local shops a try rather than ordering online.

He added: “Maybe a call to a local shop could allow them to order in the item just as quickly as ordering online and help to preserve the High Street – which in our hearts we all want to survive.

“Let’s all ‘think local’ and feel good that we are doing out bit for the local economy and our community.”

To download a poster visit www.lymsoc.co.uk.