‘Reckon we nailed it!’ – RNLI crew take on the Tetris Challenge

Calshot RNLI
Calshot RNLI took on the Tetris Challenge, thought to have originated in Switzerland

A NEW FOREST sea rescue crew has become the latest emergency team to take on a worldwide social media craze.


Calshot’s RNLI outfit has completed the ‘Tetris Challenge’ in which services including the police, fire and ambulance post a bird’s-eye photo of a neat arrangement of the array of staff and kit they need to do their jobs.

The snap was taken at the crew’s base at Calshot Spit, showing off both inshore rescue boats, crew and equipment.

Calshot RNLI
Calshot RNLI posted their efforts on Twitter

An RNLI spokesperson said: “We’re not doing this specifically for fundraising but it certainly had a lot of interaction. It appeals to people and shows our crew’s human side – they are volunteers who are doing their best.

“We have a few new volunteers and the crew thought it would help them learn the kit. It’s great for people to see what they have on the boats and the amount of equipment they have to learn.”

Calshot RNLI
The crew used their bodies to spell out RNLI in one effort

The Tetris Challenge – named after the computer game in which players try to neatly stack different shaped blocks – is thought to have originated from a police team in Switzerland.

It has since taken off with emergency services around the world using it to raise awareness of the complexity and skill of their jobs.

The Calshot images were posted on Twitter with the message: “You know what they say, all work and no play… that’s why this weekend our volunteer crew took part in the Tetris Challenge!

“What do you think? We reckon we nailed it!”