RNLI to the rescue as speedboat bought on eBay ends up all at sea

The Calshot D-Class lifeboat, Willet towing the broken down speedboat to the slipway
The Calshot D-Class lifeboat Willet towing the broken down vessel to the slipway

A SPEEDBOAT broke down and had to be rescued by Calshot and Lepe RNLI after being bought online off eBay.


At 4.30pm on Tuesday the Calshot D-Class lifeboat, Willet, was tasked by the Coastguard to attend reports of a five-metre craft experiencing trouble navigating after its steering stopped working.

The three people on board the vessel managed to ground the boat on the beach to stop it from drifting.

They were making their way to retrieve their trailer when the Calshot lifeboat arrived at the scene.

The RNLI crew were able to assist by towing the speedboat back to Calshot slipway where it could be removed from the water and put back onto its trailer.

It was found that the boat had recently been purchased on eBay and did not prove to be sea worthy.

The lifeboat crew warned that had they been further out to sea it could have been a very different story.