Brockenhurst high street set for new one-way system

brookley road one way
Brookley Road will see some changes from Tuesday

THE main route through the centre of Brockenhurst is to be made one-way from tomorrow (Tuesday) to help shoppers social distance, it has emerged.


The restriction will apply on the western end of Brookley Road between the Tesco store and the watersplash. A diversion will be installed to stop vehicles entering from Burley Road via The Rise.

The development was revealed in a letter sent to residents, seen by the A&T, which said the parish, Hampshire County and New Forest District councils had been consulting with the Brockenhurst Business Association over the plan.

It adds two barriers will be placed on each side of the river at the watersplash, stopping cars entering the village from that way, and there will be an extended pavement made 3m wide between the butcher and Pot Purri stores on the north side to allow pedestrians to social distance.

The letter states it is the first phase of a trial scheme; the second will see additional bike racks installed in place of two parking spaces on the south side of Brookley Road and the wide pavement by the watersplash.

“The scheme will be monitored for effectiveness as we want to keep the balance of making and using the area safe for all visitors during the Covid-19 pandemic but also making it easy for all customers to use the shops and businesses,” added the letter, authored by parish clerk John Bailey.



  1. Regarding Brockenhurst High Street one way system, what is supposed to happen when the Watersplash becomes deeper after rain and drivers of some smaller cars feel they have no choice but to turn round – against the flow of the one way system?

  2. I whole-heartedly agree re: reversing the one way system as coming out of the splash onto the Burley Road is a hazard at the best of times with cars parked all the time on the left pavement area (commuters using the station and avoiding the pay car park there as most are there all day – yellow lines please as it narrows that part of the road to single file traffic which is an obstrion in law) totally obstructing the view of oncoming traffic from the Burley direction. It is especially hazardous for cyclists emerging as it is an uphill slope and by the time they have realised there was a hidden oncoming vehicle they haven’t gathered enough spoed to get across the road resulting in blaring car horns and abusive shouting from the cyclists. By having the one way system up to the Burley Road direction an already bad safety hazard has been worsened and if the authorities now fail to do something to moderate or remove that hazard there will be legal liabilities for them should an accident occur because as result of this experiment it has just about doubled the number of vehicles having to leave the village centre in that particular direction. Just reverse the one way sysyem for goodness sake.

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