Online public meeting to be held on 165 new homes planned for New Milton greenbelt

Brockhills Lane homes
The site outlined in red off Brockhills Lane

DEVELOPER Pennyfarthing Homes will unveil plans for up to 165 houses on the edge of New Milton at an online public consultation event.


An exhibition showing draft proposals for the site, on land off Brockhills Lane, was due to be held at New Milton Community Centre back in March, but in light of Covid restrictions the public will now be consulted via Zoom on 10th December.

The project team will present the plans, which include a 50% affordable housing provision, and host a question-and-answer session. Attendees will also have the chance to give feedback. The number of homes had been reduced from an earlier proposal for 173 to “improve” the scheme, the developer said.

A spokesperson for New Milton-based Pennyfarthing said the site is an “adopted strategic allocation” in the new Local Plan formally approved by New Forest District Council in July.

This sets out locations and policies for the construction of nearly 10,500 new homes by 2036.

But Cllr Steve Clarke, chairman of New Milton Town Council’s planning committee, said despite being in line with the Local Plan, the level of development proposed would undoubtedly prove controversial.

“Plans are in the early stages, but we’ve already seen comments on social media about the number of homes and the fact the site is greenbelt,” he said.

“From a town council perspective, we want to see an effective traffic management system in place around the Sway Road/Brockhills junction.

“And we have concerns around the safety of the pedestrian access to Sway Road.”

Cllr Clarke said the plans represented the largest development New Milton had seen in the last 20 years.

He said the council welcomed the level of affordable housing, a pledge which he stressed must be honoured.

“There is also a number of ecological issues,” Cllr Clarke continued. “The Danestream is located to the right of the site just beyond the boundary and, as I understand it, is protected. We will be looking closely at how that’s managed.”

A Pennyfarthing spokesperson said the site would comprise an “appropriate mix of house sizes and tenures”, and public open space with “excellent leisure and biodiversity enhancement opportunities”.

They continued: “Over the last few months we have been working hard to further improve our plans for land off Brockhills Lane. We believe we can bring forward an attractive, high quality development in this location that will provide much-needed housing for local people.

“We look forward to sharing our plans with the local community and are keen to hear what people think.”

The online meeting will take place between 5.30pm and 7pm. Visit and click on the event link.



  1. This is not needed at all when will these greedy land grabbing housing companies realise small towns on the boundary off a national park and green belt don’t need housing the local people have houses so these are for people to move to the area and clog up the bad roads we already have add to the pollution we don’t have the school places doctors spaces and many other reasons as to why it’s not needed

  2. Due to Covid restrictions this ‘proposed’ developed needs to be postponed, put on the back burner to ensure all local residents and the public are able to follow process fairly eg appear in person, organise petitions and local meeting and voice concerns in person. Utilising ‘technology’ to communicate is unfair and disadvantages and segregates some from being involved.

    A review date should be set perhaps in 12 months time not now when policy can be followed safely and fairly.

  3. I totally agree i think the developers are going down this route as in all probability 70 – 80% of those likely to be affected by this proposed encroachment onto Green Belt land will be unable to connect or more likely have their comments ignored if they don’t support the scheme.
    Incidentally I live in Ashley just off the Ashley Common Road and less than 500 yards from Brockhills Lane and it is certainly NOT capable of handling the volume of traffic that this development will generate
    Not to mention the number of HGV and contractors vehicles that will be necessary to even build this totally unnecessary housing project.
    All I will say to the New Milton and New Forest Councillors is you are there to represent the needs, desires and wishes of the electorate.

  4. My concern living off Hollandswood Drive is that the entrance & exit of this new development is almost directly opposite the entrance to it. No way wil the new residents want to leave and go up to the Sway Road which is bad to get over or down over the narrow bridge & through all the access points to Ashley! They will use Holland’s Wood drive as a rat run & I dread to think what our lives will be while they are building the development & all the lorries will do the same!

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