SIR – Coming to live in the New Forest I was warned by metropolitan elitist friends that I would not be living in mainstream UK.


I thought I had adjusted. However, after reading the accounts in the A&T of Cllr Duke’s Brexit knees up and her Straight Pride posting I more feel trapped in an episode of The League of Gentlemen.

Brexiteers can play the theme to Dad’s Army without any irony?

I wonder, is the good councillor planning another bash to mark the moment, when after Johnson’s inevitable ‘Australia’ crash-out deal history might repeat itself, as isolated and vulnerable we will be again rescued from peril by the USA (at a price)?

It could be a stars and stripes event as hopefully by that time her beloved Union Flag will be obsolete.

Rod England, Barton



  1. I feel Rod England protests too much and that his ‘entrapment’ is not too onerous given the number of years he has suffered such discomfort in this area rather than the ‘more enlightened’ Metropolis. I am sure we all appreciate his regular and insightful personal opinions through the ‘Letters’ page.

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