SIR – So it seems Big Ben can’t ‘bong’ in London. Since in the referendum the majority of London voted to remain in the EU maybe they hope if they ignore Brexit it might not happen.


But in Lymington, where a significant majority voted to leave the EU, we have something to celebrate. Freedom to regain our sovereignty, take back our laws and trade with the whole world.

What can we do?

Maybe we could have a peal of bells from St Thomas’s Church in the High Street, together with a lowering of an EU stars flag and the raising of a Union flag at the British Legion.

Or, like Londoners, just stay home, go to bed early and wish we were to remain in the EU.

Mike Beggs, Lymington



  1. After all the insults from EU (special place in **** for brexiteers etc) the “sheep” are afraid to ring our church bells at the end of January in case the EU are offended.

    Where is our British spirit?

  2. I, for one, will NOT be celebrating. So those who want the bells to ring out, can stuff them where the sun don’t shine imo!

  3. This would be a massive shame as there are a lot of positives from the EU: workers rights, environment and food standards, the right to live and work across the EU, to very easy trade in 27 countries. The current govt looks like reversing that and we will be worse off, so I cannot see any real benefit to the average person in leaving. If these are rung, then as a funeral bell for the things we will be loosing.

  4. Nationally the Council for Church Bellringers has not endorsed the ringing of bells for Brexit, because church bells are not usually rung for political purposes.

  5. Mike, we never lost our sovereignty, we still made our own laws, and we have always trading with the whole world (just have a look next time you are in your local supermarket – you’ll see produce from all over the world). And yet when we leave the EU, we lose influence over 27 other nations, we lose free and friction-less access to the largest trading block in the world, and the the one closest to us, and we lose access to so much else too. If the bells are rung, it should be a funeral dirge.

  6. And of course, we lose our freedom of movement, our right to live, work, study, fall in love, retire to any of 27 other nations and associated states.

  7. I see no reason to celebrate losing the rights we have as EU citizens: it’s a shameful example of how democracy can be subverted in the interests of the privileged few.

  8. How better to “bring closure” than to rub half the populations noses in something they know will harm 100% of the population (except those with millions in the bank).
    It’s funny how people never realised they had such issues until the media and the government told them they did.
    Pretty sure ringing bells and eating sausage and chips will really bring people together for the future. NOT

  9. Imagine if your life was so unfettered by day-to-day concerns that you could spend time worrying about whether someone was going to ring a bell at midnight somewhere?

    What a privileged existence to have lead.

  10. Thank you to all those who have commented about Mike Beggs’ total ignorance of the situation that these nationalist people have lumbered us with. They all make me want to cry. They think they have credible reasons to want to leave the EU and not one of of them hold water. What is wrong with these people? They’ve ruined this country, God help us all!

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