Jury shown video footage of sobbing, blood-soaked, half naked police officer accused of murder

brehmer trial
Tim Brehmer and Claire Parry had been having an affair for 10 years

DRAMATIC body-cam footage was shown to a jury today (Wednesday) of blood-soaked, half-naked police officer Timothy Brehmer sobbing inconsolably and demanding to know if his lover “is alright” shortly after he killed her.


Emergency services can be seen tending to Brehmer (41) as he sits on the ground in the car park of the Horn Pub, West Parley. He is accused of murdering nurse Claire Parry and is on trial and Salisbury Crown Court.

At the time the footage was filmed, other paramedics were trying desperately just a few hundred yards away to save Mrs Parry who was found hanging half out of Brehmer’s car.

Police and paramedics ask Brehmer who Mrs Parry is, to which he replies: “I’ve been having an affair with her for years. She asked me to meet her here, she’s going to tell my wife, I’m going to lose my boy.

“She was going through my phone and I think she told my wife.”

Brehmer, of Woodcock Lane, Hordle, went on to claim Mrs Parry had “forced” him to meet her before breaking down in tears. At one stage he shouts out: “Is she alright?”

The jury have been told how Brehmer and Mrs Parry were lovers for 10 years. His wife Martha, a detective with Bournemouth CID, did not know about the affair, although Mrs Parry’s husband Andrew, also a police officer, suspected his wife was cheating with Brehmer.

The accused has pleaded guilty to manslaughter but not guilty to murder.

Footage of Brehmer lying in an ambulance was also shown to the jury. Paramedic Simon Mumford asked him what had happened and Brehmer told him: “She was so, so angry.

“She was going to tell my wife we’d been having an affair for years.

“She was going through my phone. I don’t remember what happened. I said, ‘Get out.’

“She wouldn’t get out of the car. I think she told my wife. I just wanted to drive off and kill myself because I’ve lost my boy.”

Earlier in proceedings, paramedics told how they tried to revive Mrs Parry after finding her with her “face and lips blue”. One also noticed a mark on her neck.

Mrs Parry was given CPR at the scene before being taken to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital where she died the next morning.

The trial continues.