Killer policeman Brehmer was paid for two months after admitting lover’s manslaughter

brehmer paid
Timothy Brehmer was jailed for 10-and-a-half years

A HORDLE police officer was paid for two months after he pleaded guilty in court to killing his lover, it has emerged.


Dorset Police has defended its actions, saying rules meant it had to keep giving Timothy Brehmer (41) a wage and it fast-tracked a disciplinary hearing the moment the Woodcock Lane resident admitted a charge of manslaughter.

“As set out by The Police (Conduct) Regulations 2020 and the Police Reform Act 2002, pay can only be stopped once an officer is formally dismissed,” a Dorset Police spokesperson said.

“As soon as Timothy Brehmer entered his guilty plea at court, fast-track misconduct proceedings were commenced and a hearing was held at the first available opportunity, which resulted in him being dismissed as soon as was practical.”

No minutes were taken of that disciplinary hearing in mid-September, at which Brehmer was sacked from the force for gross misconduct.

“Despite an unblemished service record and a high degree of remorse shown by the officer, public confidence would be significantly undermined if any sanction other than dismissal without notice were to be considered,” a summary of the Dorset Police hearing stated.

As reported in the A&T, father-of-one Brehmer was jailed earlier this year following a high-profile trial at Salisbury Crown Court. It related to the death of Claire Parry (41), a nurse and mother-of-two, at the Horns Inn pub in Parley, near Christchurch, on 9th May.

Brehmer denied murder in relation to the incident and was cleared of that charge by a jury. He admitted a change of manslaughter.

The trial heard Mrs Parry had been having an affair with Brehmer for 10 years but had asked they meet as she was upset having discovered his affairs with other women.

Prosecutors claimed Brehmer strangled her in a rage after she sent a text to his wife, Martha, from his phone which said “I’m cheating on you”. However, Brehmer denied that and said he inadvertently was “responsible” for her death while trying to get her out of his car.

Handing down sentence, Judge Richard Jacobs determined Brehmer “lost his self-control” during the incident and “deliberately2 took her by the neck before “applying significant force”. He gave Brehmer 10-and-a-half-years in prison.

But that term has been challenged by Brehmer – who contests it should be shortened – and the Attorney General, who argues it must be increased. The Court of Appeal will determine the two applications sometime in 2021, it confirmed to the A&T.