Brexiters to celebrate leaving EU with singsong, sausage and chips

The Borough Arms
The Borough Arms are set to host the We’re Backing Britain party

BRITAIN’S exit from the European Union will be celebrated with a party at a Lymington pub next Friday.


The We’re Backing Britain Party has been organised by Conservative New Forest district councillor Janette Duke, who has been a longstanding advocate of Brexit – which will happen at 11pm on Friday.

The event will take place at the Borough Arms pub on Avenue Road and feature traditional songs, nibbles and toasts to prime minister Boris Johnson.

She told the A&T that what started as a small celebration had now grown into a much larger event.

“A few people were saying it would be good to celebrate Brexit on 31st January. The more people I spoke to, the more support for the idea I had,” she said.

Cllr Janette Duke has been a longstanding advocate for Brexit

“Initially I was planning to have a small party at home but as numbers grew I decided to approach the Borough Arms to see if they’d be happy to host a party.

“After three years of strong feelings on both sides, which divided communities, it seemed a good time to start trying to bring people back together. We would love to have the bell rung at St Thomas Church as well but I’m not sure if that will be possible. ”

She continued: “In the past, the local pub was often the hub of many communities so it seemed an ideal place to celebrate Britain getting its independence back.”

Cllr Duke hoped several Lymington town and district councillors will also join the celebration, with others also planned around the district.

Cllr Duke added: “It’s a landmark date in the history of this country and it will be good to celebrate the future and making Britain great again.

“Jamie Adams has offered to lead a British sing-song, and Debbie and Carl from the Borough Arms will be laying on trays of sausages and chips.”

The We’re Backing Britain Party will begin at 7.30pm, and all are welcome.

As reported in the A&T, hundreds of Foresters travelled repeatedly to London to join huge marches in favour of a so-called People’s Vote on the terms of Brexit. The New Forest voted to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum by 58% to 42%.



  1. An open letter to Councillor Duke.

    Dear Councillor Duke,

    I was dismayed to read about the event you are organising at The Borough Arms on 31st January to ‘celebrate’ Brexit.

    As you know, there are many people in our community who are EU citizens, and who contribute to our economy and well-being.

    Their future is far from certain, and this whole process is causing them extreme anxiety. Is this something that as a Councillor you wish to ‘celebrate’?

    To try and promote this one sided event with a ‘traditional sing-song’ and purportedly ‘British’ food (sausages by the way are a truly pan-European food – even the original name is French) as some sort of great ‘unifying’ party is simply wrong.

    Whilst you are elected by a majority, your job is to represent everybody, whether they voted for you or not.

    Could I politely suggest that you re-think the tone of this event? If you want to make it ‘unifying’, then you need to consider everyone’s view.


  2. Unbounded triumphalism taking no account of a large minority of people who she will have no hope of representing if this is the approach. Reuniting the country is a job not safe in brexiteer hands for obvious reasons, and if she thinks holding a sausage party for her mates will smooth everything over she has a very poor understanding of both
    her constituents and the country. It’s truly embarrassing that a councillor with such a crass attitude has been elected in this area. Get on and do your job by representing everyone, and find genuine ways of resolving the division you have caused.

  3. A celebration like this will do nothing at all to bring people back together again. If she really wants to do that, maybe she should join the campaign to reform our electoral system so that Parliament truly reflects how people voted – last December the majority for for parties promising a second referendum yet our woeful first post the post rewarded the Tories 43.6% share of the vote with 56% of the MPs, giving them free rein to do whatever they want to us for the next five years.

  4. There is nothing to celebrate – poverty and death amongst the disabled, vulnerable and poor will increase.
    A better use of the money used to pay for this ‘celebration’ would be a donation to the local food bank.

  5. Such a shame people have chosen to politicise this but not surprising given the headline mentioned Brexiteers. It is far bigger than Brexit. I have friends who voted to leave and friends who voted to remain. One thing we could agree on was that we were glad to get to a point where we could move forward away from the uncertainty that had paralised our country for over 3 years. We will raise a glass together on Friday and look forward to backing Britain whatever her future may hold.

  6. Good for the people who have left comments about this grossly insulting event. Cllr. Duke is a typical Brexiter, no brain.

  7. Agree with above comments except and Cllr Duke Ian Blann – clearly, a place to avoid, despite the “all welcome”, which I struggle to believe. Cllr Duke says we’re marking the end of a long period of paralysis and uncertainty – I believe we ain’t seen nothing yet on that score.
    I really hope local churches with their bells have the good sense to stay out of this.
    We’re already finding this week with sorting out trade with the US and the decision about 5G and Huawei, it’s a tough old world out there, inhabited by some big players who don’t particularly care about our interests – we’re a small country in need of friends.
    Question is, will folk still be celebrating in say another three years’ time, down at the Borough Arms?

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