‘Impossible’ to book coronavirus test for six-year-old boy with symptoms

book coronavirus test
Mr Morgan, of Lymington, was offered tests at Wiltshire and Fawley but was unable to book either

AN ANGRY grandfather has hit out at the government’s Covid-19 testing scheme after his six-year-old grandson was unable to secure an appointment having been barred from school since developing symptoms.


Steve Morgan said his grandson has been in tears after developing a cough, high temperature and losing his sense of smell.

Mr Morgan, from Lymington, told the A&T the official website offered testing sites miles away in Warminster, Wiltshire, as well as a local testing site in Fawley but it was ultimately impossible to book at either. He said none of his family has managed to secure a test.

He said: “He was not allowed to go to school until he had a test to see if he had the virus. He was really crying because he had just started back at school and was enjoying it so much.

“We went on the government website to book a test, but it has been totally impossible to get one.”

He added: “The system is just not fit for purpose. You spend ages going through page after page filling in details then it kicks you off and you have to start again.”

Mr Morgan said there is no phone number or email on the site to contact anyone. He added: “My daughter’s doctor said her son has to get tested as soon as possible. He said he can’t carry out the test and the government website is the only option. “If my grandson can’t get tested, he will have to stay off school for the whole 14 days, which is stupid if he hasn’t actually got it.”

The government has come under heavy criticism this week for the NHS testing system which critics warned is in danger of collapsing amid long delays and warnings from the government that people may have to be prioritised to cope with demand.

Mr Morgan said: “My daughter rang the virus helpline 119 and they told her to pay £150 for a private test – money she doesn’t have.”

The A&T asked the NHS for comment but did not receive a response.



  1. No that’s not really true is it you just need attention!! both of my children and my wife and I needed a test for them to return to school we ordered the tests they were received in 2 says and results in 3 days set trying to scare people you idiot.

  2. Oh and we live in brockenhurst so it is the same area maybe the paper needs to make sure the information is correct before printing

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