SIR – I read with disbelief the comments by Cllr Lesley Dedman in the local press recently.


She campaigned vigorously against the BCP merger for some considerable time, wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds. A narrow minded stance encouraged by our MP.

However, having in the last few weeks been re-elected and appointed mayor of Christchurch and also appointed to a highly-paid role on the new BCP cabinet responsible for adult social care, she has completely changed her tune – at last admitting that the combined BCP has the greater strength and depth to manage the future challenges.

Cllr Dedman ran a care home and was a Dorset county councillor who held responsibility to fund adult social care in Christchurch. She therefore most certainly knew of the significant advantages that the larger conurbation would bring to adult social care.

But she fought to keep the borough council of Christchurch independent in full knowledge of the financial pressures Dorset County Council faced.

Had her and other “independent” councillors’ campaign succeeded against the new BCP Council, she had no plan in place to meet the significant shortfall in funding for the most vulnerable, ageing population she represents.

The irony of the situation is that those councillors forward-thinking enough to see the sense in the merger have been removed from office, while those others who fought an expensive battle they were always going to lose have been elected to the very thing they fought against!

No wonder respect for politicians is at an all-time low.

I wonder what other massive u-turns we will see from the new administration.

Martin Stewart, address supplied