Teenage horse rider nearly knocked off by ‘idiot’ van driver

Bashley Road
The incident happened as Chloe Fuller was riding along Bashley Road

A TEENAGE rider was nearly knocked off her pony after an impatient van driver blasted past her on the main road through Bashley.


The Ford Transit van came so close to Chloe Fuller (17) on Bashley Road it ripped the baton she was using out of her hands.

Her mum Sheila Fuller told the A&T: “Chloe was really shaken by the incident; the van came so close it could have easily hit her and her pony Lily. It was just inches away.

“Lily could have got spooked and either bucked Chloe off, or side-stepped into the van’s path.

“I don’t know why the van driver did what he did, he must be an idiot. Everyone knows that when you see a horse rider you slow down, not charge round them.”

Chloe was riding her pony back to stables in the village when the incident happened around 12.15pm last Thursday. She had just passed the petrol station when a car on the opposite side of the road slowed down for her.

But the van, which was behind Chloe, suddenly hurtled past her. Mrs Fuller said: “It was going fast and came out of nowhere. Chloe had to get off Lily to pick the baton up, and she was so shaken she couldn’t get back on her.

“Instead she had to lead her back to the stables. She was quite tearful when she came home.”

Mrs Fuller posted about the incident on social media in the hope of tracking the driver down. She said: “I would like the police or someone to have a word with them and explain how dangerous what they did was.

“Chloe managed to get the first part of the registration plate. I have tried to report it to the police by dialling 101 but have not been able to get through.

“I have managed to report it to the British Horse Society in case this van has been involved in similar incidents.”

Several people commented on her post including Jean Thompson who wrote: “This is appalling, when are drivers going to learn they don’t own the road, always in such a rush.”

Sheila Griffiths posted: “Idiots, respect the countryside and users.”



  1. As a resident of Bashley Common Road I see daily irresponsible drivers going too fast and overtaking ponies and cyclists . Recent signage indicating no overtaking just before and on the bends are flouted many times every day . More needs to be done to police law breaking drivers on this road and taking away one of the speed signs is a backward step ! Perhaps more dashcam drivers could send their footage to the police and report errant drivers . Active prosecution of offenders may encourage others to be more considerate and drive within the law .

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