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Lymington Town Quay

Letters: Town Quay plans are like the emperor’s new clothes

SIR - The Lymington Town Quay planning team has finally revealed its emperor’s new clothes. In essence, now a debate over a shower block with either a gabled roof or one with a flat...
Fawley power station

Letters: £8m revamp of A326 will just add more traffic

SIR - Recent stories about early approval for an £8m A326 revamp may sound like good news for the Waterside communities but let's look a little deeper. As the (limited) evidence to the New Forest...

Letters: Calm, competent and friendly – thank you, NHS!

SIR - We often hear of or read about complaints and shortcomings regarding the NHS but very little praise of it these days. I would now like to add my praise. On Monday morning, 30th...
New Forest climate emergency

Letters: Climate change and Brexit – a lot of tosh on both sides

SIR - Now that the climate change debate has replaced Brexit, we are beginning to be bombarded with all sorts of facts and figures, some of which are no doubt accurate. But like Brexit there...

Letters: Felling has spoiled the tree-lined gateway to my town

SIR - We have lived in New Milton for the past 48 years, and have never ceased to enjoy the approach to the town from Bashley along Fernhill Lane up to Ballard Lake. This approach...
Lymington high street

Letters: High street parking charges will free up spaces

SIR - I fully support the proposed charges in Lymington High Street. It will be useful to have to have the free 20 minutes to buy a newspaper, or go to the cash machine etc....
Lymington parking

Letters: Parking charges will kill Lymington High Street

SIR - Hampshire County Council’s plan to charge shoppers to park their cars if they wish to shop for longer than half an hour will kill Lymington High Street. The plan is incredibly old-fashioned. We...
Burley tree felling

Letters: Why I’m backing the Slap Bottom tree protesters

SIR - I would like to add to John Carter’s comments in your story of 13th December (Minister halts tree felling after protest). In addition to the 300 plus trees in Slap Wood, in 2018...

Letters: What did you think of our Christmas decorations?

SIR - May I through your paper thank all the volunteers and supporters that have ensured the success and continuation of the Christmas lights at Lyndhurst. May I also congratulate the winners of the annual...
New Forest food bank

Letters: A Christmas thank you to our food bank donors

SIR - As the recently appointed chair of the New Forest Basics Bank food bank, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all within our community who have gone over and above...
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