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Natural England

Letters: Let the countryside be managed by country people 

SIR - I do not condone any of the threats to Chris Packham over his role in persuading Natural England to revoke the licences to allow the culling of several birds, including crows and wood pigeons. However,...

Letters: Leave our lay-bys alone! They could save your life

SIR - I was driving in Majorca in December 2017 and, just five minutes from where I had to get to, I fell asleep behind the wheel and wrote the car off. I was the...

Letters: As flood risk rises, should we still be building by the sea?

SIR - The Environment Agency recently warned that over the next 30 years the flood risk to coastal towns is likely to be worse than previously thought and that Britain needs to seriously improve...
Barton cliffs erosion

Letters: We should work with shoreline erosion, not fight against it

SIR - Mr Wolton’s letter in last week’s A&T sort of misses the point when he suggests work to restrict further erosion in order to “protect” beach huts at Hordle cliff. He also suggests that...
Royal Mail

Letters: Stop the rot and save our post offices from closure

SIR - I have always imagined the Royal Mail and the Post Office were intrinsically linked. It appears that I am wrong. I was also under the impression that they were both a form...

Letters: Protect the New Forest from this invasion of dogs, cyclists and visitors

SIR - I write as a private individual and not as a member of any organisation or group. I write as a resident of the New Forest and as one extremely concerned about the future...

Letters: Carry on, Chris Packham – a supporter writes

SIR - I am sad to see that people would like to see Chris Packham gagged. Because it is the hunting, shooting and fishing brigade that he has most upset, I expect these are...
Dogs on a walk

Letters: Better to educate dog owners than bring in more rules

SIR - Walking groups of dogs is apparently threatening. Perhaps those saying groups are a threat could provide actual evidence of harm. Walking in the Forest every day I have never felt threatened by groups...
Fawley oil refinery

Letters: Fawley oil refinery expansion so short-sighted

SIR - It was with dismay and disbelief that I read in the A&T last week of Exxon Mobil’s plans to expand diesel production by 45% at its Fawley plant. The new plant project is...
Pony warning sign

Letters: Feeding, petting – is it time for a pony #MeToo movement?

SIR - Recently, I heard a lady born and bred locally tell a child in her care: “No you can’t go and stroke the pony, just imagine how you would feel if you were...
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