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Letters: Too few houses or too many people?

SIR - Housing demand has sent house prices and rentals soaring and for many younger people are completely unaffordable. The response from politicians is to say the answer is to build more houses. Well, perhaps...

Letters: When will the council tackle this fly-tipping epidemic?

SIR - Further to the fly-tipping epidemic in our area and my recent communications on this subject, I still have not had a reply from the county council as to how many prosecutions they...
Dogs New Forest

Letters: Can’t control your dog? Then keep it on the lead

SIR - Last Thursday afternoon I was returning home and had the unpleasant experience of witnessing my cattle being attacked by an out of control dog. The cattle were laid down chewing the cud and minding their...

Letters: Traders, we don’t all use the worldwide web (whatever that is)

SIR – Why do retailers and advertisers etc all insist on using only the WWW (worldwide web) – whatever that is – and not include a telephone number or address? Today I went to Highcliffe...
Lyndhurst Christmas lights

Letters: Ignore the rumours, there will be Christmas lights in our village

SIR - There is currently much speculation and misinformation regarding the Christmas illuminations in Lyndhurst. May I reassure your readers that there will be lights in the village over the festive period. It is unfortunate that...
Bicycle lights

Letters: A winter plea to cyclists and pedestrians to be seen on the roads

SIR - Now that the dark evenings are with us again, could I please make a plea for pedestrians - and cyclists - to ‘be seen’. I, for one, do not wish to be driving...

Letters: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex should stop whinging

SIR – I find myself wishing that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would stop whinging about their problems and expect us to be sorry for them. We “ordinary folk” all have problems and need...

Letters: He blocked the ‘upskirting’ law – why not the Brexit bill?

SIR - Like many people, I followed the recent furore over the timetable of the government’s new Brexit bill closely. Having approved the bill at second reading, and so paved the way for a Brexit...

Letters: It’s time to ban pregnant cows from the Forest

SIR — It would appear from your front page that the Commoners Defence Association (CDA) are “keen to do their bit” by dehorning cattle due to the spate of incidents in which people and...

Letters: Local recycling is just rubbish

SIR — It had to kick off sooner or later down this neck of the woods on just how bad our local authorities are at recycling. I refer to your recent article relating to...
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