‘We literally took off,’ says woman in coke can car crash

Ashley Nisa
The accident happened outside the Nisa store in Ashley Road, Ashley

A CAR ended up marooned on the concrete-sided verge outside a shop when it “literally took off” after the driver lost control.


The incident, involving a Mazda 4×4, occurred at Nisa in Ashley Road just after 9am yesterday morning (Wednesday).

Talking to the A&T, the disabled driver, who did not want to be named, said: “I had just left the Nisa car park.

“There was an open can of coke on the console and it started to fall over. Like an idiot I went to grab it with one hand but managed instead to hit the top of the lit cigarette my dad – who was in the passenger seat – was holding.

“The shock made me lose control of the car and the next thing I knew we had shot across the road and straight up the concrete-sided verge.

“I thought the concrete bank would have stopped the car in its tracks but instead we literally took off and ended up on the top of it.”

The woman, in her twenties, said she was “embarrassed” by what had happened, adding: “A lot of people have been going past taking the mickey. Not a lot of people have actually asked me what happened and if I am alright.

“Luckily both me and my dad were fine, it’s just the car that’s been damaged.”

The woman had to wait nearly three hours for an RAC vehicle to come and remove her car from the verge.

She said: “Just before Christmas someone smashed my passenger side window and damaged the wing mirror. I can’t believe this has happened now.”

After a photo of the incident was posted on a Facebook page some people joked that she should receive the “best car parking of the year award”.

But others said it could have had serious consequences if someone had been walking along the pavement at the time.

One commented: “I saw it all happen, was in the car waiting for her to go across to the shop. If anyone had been on the pavement, they’d have had it.”