Plan for 21 homes on green belt site is thrown out

ashley 21 homes
The proposal by AJ Development for Hare Lane in Ashley

A BID by a property developer to build 21 homes on a green belt site in Ashley has been thrown out by New Forest District Council.


In an 11-point rejection of AJ Developments’ plan to develop land of the south side of Hare Lane, NFDC slammed it as “inappropriate and unjustified” and said it would result in an “unwarranted and harmful urbanisation” of a countryside area.

The council was also “not convinced” the proposed number of homes could be “satisfactorily accommodated” without harming the sensitive character and appearance of the countryside setting.

Additionally, it was said the potential traffic and transport impact on Hare Lane had not been properly considered, while the appellant had not demonstrated if the level of noise and disturbance caused by vehicle movement would have an acceptable impact on neighbours, or how it would secure important on-site trees.

There was also no completed Section 106 agreement for a financial contribution towards local affordable housing or schools, NFDC noted.

In total 35 people submitted responses, with 32 against and the other three neutral. Among those opposed was New Milton Town Council, the town’s residents association and its heritage society.

As reported, the town council’s planning committee was opposed because only 10 homes would be affordable. Chairman Cllr Steve Clarke said members thought all the units should be “100% affordable”, and other issues identified included accessibility.

Residents’ association chairman Alan Watson called the affordable housing offer “very disappointing” and said the total number of dwellings proposed was “too intense” for the green belt site.

Heritage society chairman Nick Saunders said the development would “create a dangerous rise in the amount of traffic using Hare Lane”, pointing out it was a “narrow country lane”.



  1. no section 106 for developer to PAY for schools and affordable homes.

    What the **** is INCOME TAX, & COUNCIL tax used for then?
    I have yet to hear of any new schools in the area!
    ALL affordable home in the area are affordable.

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