Asbestos alert over latest pile of waste dumped in New Forest

asbestos fly-tip new forest
Waste containing what appears to be asbestos was dumped at Dur Hill, near Burley (pictures: Forestry England)

A PILE of hazardous waste containing what appears to be asbestos was dumped in the New Forest yesterday (Sunday).


Dash cam footage is being sought to help find the flytippers, who are believed to have used a lorry to transport the roofing panels and other building waste, left at Dur Hill, near Burley, in the afternoon.

Due to the size of the flytip, which has been cordoned off, it would take a few days to be cleared away, said a spokesperson for Forestry England’s New Forest team.

A specialist waste contractor will also have to be used because of the dump’s potentially hazardous nature, and the clear-up cost could be “considerable” if it does include asbestos.

Witnesses and those who may have captured any suspicious activity on their dash cams are being sought, as the flytip is thought to have happened while many people were enjoying the sunny weather that afternoon.

The pile has been cordoned off

The FE spokesperson said: “We are urging anyone who recognises the old garage or outbuilding to get in touch.

“It required a large lorry to dump this amount of rubbish, so if anyone saw a lorry driving in the area and has dash cam footage of the load, please get in touch with us on 0300 067 4601, or via email

“All information provided will be treated in confidence.”

They added: “This recent incident is another example of the lack of respect some people have for the Forest, its residents and wildlife. Working together, Forestry England and the local authority investigate flytips in an effort to trace it back to the offenders.”

The authority continues to remind householders and businesses they are responsible for ensuring their waste is disposed of properly.

Contractors being used should be checked to make sure they have a waste carriers licence, and this can be done on the Environment Agency website at



  1. Now I can totally understand why people do this though I condemn it completely. When we dismantled our old garage we had sheets of the stuff to get rid of, and we couldn’t take it to our closest tip as they only accept three sheets per household per year – we had ten years of the stuff! In the end we had to hire a trailer, drive down the motorway to the tip at Netley and pay something like £160 – all to do the right thing. Councils do not make it easy for us to behave responsibly. Now if we lived in Essex, the local authority would’ve COLLECTED the stuff from us for FREE.

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