The light of Keyhaven draws globe-trotting artist to the New Forest

Artist Nicoline Bolsius
Dutch-born Nicoline Bolsius is bringing her talents to the Red Rose Studio in Everton every Friday morning

AN artist who grew up in Brazil and has exhibited around the world is to hold weekly painting classes in the New Forest.


Dutch-born Nicoline Bolsius is bringing her talents to the Red Rose Studio in Everton every Friday morning for painting lessons, in a venture brought on by the “inspiring” light of Keyhaven.

The well-travelled painter was raised in the Brazilian state of Paraná, south of São Paulo from the age of seven to 14.

“As a child I was always outside. I got my love for nature in Brazil, swimming for hours and playing Tarzan in the trees,” Nicoline told the A&T.

This was when she first dabbled with art.

She said: “I started with some cartoon stories as a child which I was the only person to laugh at. But the real painting came much later.”

After leaving South America, Nicoline returned only once, 17 years later in a visit. She described it as “one big party”.

She added: “Nobody had changed, it felt like I had picked up time without any gaps. It was unbelievable.”

Nicoline (54) recalled how in her first art lesson, her teacher let her work only with the colours she did not like to understand the value of them.

She said: “When I was about 19 or so I started in Eindhoven and later in Amsterdam where I was featured in lots of exhibitions. I’ve also taught in the Belgium Ardennes, France, Ibiza, had exhibitions in Germany – and now I’m here and I find the area in Keyhaven so enormously beautiful that I don’t want to go.”

She said: “When I came here I knew I wanted a studio. When you’re in Keyhaven, every morning has a different light or a different seascape. The light grabs me the most and it’s just an inspiring place.”

The classes held in Everton will be relaxed, with Nicoline saying: “People have the right to choose what inspires them and what they want to learn, so I can adapt myself to what they’re after. I’m very broad in skills that I can offer people to help them.”

As well as teaching the lessons, Nicoline will be selling some of her paintings – which have sold all over Europe. Prices range from £150 to £2,500, with drawings and live sketches cheaper.

Her work is mainly abstract but she is also trained in portrait painting. She cites her main inspirations as organic forms of life, from flowers to ponies, which stems from her childhood in Brazil.

In a message to anyone interested in her classes, Nicoline said: “Please never say that you can’t do something – just go for it and it will come.

They take place every week from 10am-1pm in Everton at the Red Rose Studio on Frys Lane.

Nicoline’s work will be on display at the studio every Sunday from 11am-6pm.

For more information, contact Nicoline on 07731 686257.