Pizzeria sacks staff after getting one-star food hygiene rating

Amalfi Pizzeria
The Amalfi restaurant took action after district council inspectors raised concerns

A HYTHE pizzeria says it has sacked all its staff after it was given a one-star food hygiene rating.


Amalfi Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria on the High Street revealed on Facebook it let employees go after New Forest District Council inspectors raised concerns following a routine visit last month.

An NFDC spokesperson told the A&T: “Issues relating to the poor standard of cleanliness at the premises during the inspection, and a lack of food safety management procedures – that is the ability of the company to demonstrate that they are taking appropriate measures to produce safe food – were identified.”

She went on: “The business was required to take action to address these issues and to secure compliance.

“On the basis of the inspection findings the business was awarded a food hygiene rating of one, and we are working with the business to achieve full compliance.

“The one-star rating will remain in place until the next food hygiene inspection is undertaken in late 2020, although upon payment of a fee the business may request a re-inspection sooner.”

In their Facebook post, the outlet’s owners Jessica D’Angelo and Luigi Presutti said: “We have news to give you.

“Unfortunately after so much hard work to open our business, Luigi and I decided to take staff to help us, but having had a bad result after the inspection, we decided to change all the staff because we want the best for us and our customers.

“So me and Luigi have worked to fix everything pending the re-inspection, we want to announce that we are looking for new, complete staff, with more skills, to ensure that it does not happen again. I hope you all understand.”

But the post received a mixed reception online.

One person said: “The owners need to train their staff to be able to maintain standards and operate the business correctly. If that hasn’t been done it isn’t the fault of the staff.”

That prompted someone from the restaurant (pictured) to respond: “No, but if I pay them and they play a role, they must be more professional and serious, otherwise it means that I can never leave this place, because they must be followed like children.

“When I had the training, over the years, I was taught to work well and be precise on the role I had to play.”

Subsequently, the critical poster fired back: “Staff should be receiving regular training and support to maintain standards, especially as a lot of hospitality staff are school leavers with little or no experience and being paid minimum wage for doing a job that isn’t the easiest.

“All of the things that need improvement didn’t become that poor overnight. If the owners couldn’t see how far below the required standard things were they should have stepped in sooner.”

But other customers leapt to the defence of the eatery. One said: “Amalfi is our favourite restaurant in Hythe, and we do eat there twice a month. Always get good service and food.”

Another added: “It’s a shame that some staff have let you down when you’ve worked so hard but it won’t stop us coming as we know the food and atmosphere is amazing.”

The Facebook post assured customers the restaurant was doing what it could to address the concerns raised by the NFDC inspection. It did not say how many staff were dismissed.