Aldi given green light for New Milton store as councillors go against planners’ recommendation

Aldi New Milton
A CGI showing proposals for the new Aldi on the edge of New Milton

DISCOUNT retailer Aldi is set to come to New Milton after district councillors went against planning officers’ recommendation to refuse it.


Members of New Forest District Council’s planning committee approved Aldi’s plan for a store on a site known as Solent Industrial Estate on Caird Avenue at their meeting this morning (Wednesday) – despite a report from officers which preferred a town centre location.

“It seems to me New Milton want this in their town and I think it would be a shame to refuse,” Cllr Arthur Davies said.

Cllr Barry Dunning – who successfully proposed backing Aldi’s scheme – noted there was a possibility Aldi could “walk away” from the town if the plan was turned down.

Because the Caird Avenue site was allocated for employment use and not retail in NFDC’s Local Plan – the keystone document for development in the district up to 2036 – the application had to satisfy a “sequential test” to show Caird Avenue was the most suitable spot for the area’s needs.

NFDC’s planning committee had refused a similar plan by Aldi in May last year for two reasons: it ruled an alternative site in the centre of New Milton – the former Co-op store – was preferable, and was unhappy about the amount of screening.

The latest plan met with the approval of NFDC’s officers in terms of screening, but they still preferred Aldi relocate to the town centre site.

Aldi said it had considered two options in the town centre but they remained unsuitable.

Before making their decision, planning committee members heard several council colleagues lobby for permission, noting the 3,000-member New Milton Residents Association was supportive, and there had been 51 letters from local advocating for an Aldi.

They also heard protests from Greg Davies, a director of Bradbeers – the department store which owns the former Co-op store, the car park behind it and 12 nearby units.

Before the unanimous 14-0 vote – with one abstention – for the Aldi at Caird Avenue, Mr Davies warned members that Aldi’s arrival “might have some way to go” before it comes to fruition.



  1. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I’m so happy that finally New Milton has something fresh to offer its surrounding residents. As for Bradbeers well they have been dragging their feet and are only objecting for their own financial gain. Just pure greed.

    • Strange comment, did you say the same thing when Tesco was built. That has not stopped people coming to the town centre for other items. I feel the same about the comment left by the director of Bradbeers, seems to be some sort of threat ? When I see the disgusting building that is Bradbeers, which is the gateway in to our town, why don’t they improve that building the same as their one in Romsey?

  2. It would be a sad day for New Milton should a possible legal challenge by Bradbeers be successful. Their influence in this town is considerable as they already own three shops in their own name and who knows how many other properties. Why don’t they just admit the wishes of the residents have been granted on this occasion and there was no way Aldi was ever going to be encouraged to use the high street site because it is obviously unsuitable for their needs, that is why they stated they would look elsewhere should they fail to get permission for their proposal on this occasion.

  3. highstreet option is an old building that needs flattening to make way for small retail shops that offer more choice. do you honestly want a highstreet thats all super market?

    • Sad to say small retail shops struggle to survive – but perhaps a mix of ‘in door market’ linked to a cafe / bar outlet would be more productive use of retail space & the rear car park developed for housing – the site offers great opportunity for both landlord & the town.

  4. We do not need a new supermarket in New Milton as we TESCO lidl’s Morrison’s if Aldi come to new milton it’s more cars on & Lorries

  5. Excellent News for the town.

    As for the the former Co-op site in the high street – well that could be good news as well if it was prompted / developed for ‘Post Covid’ boom – a ‘Weatherspoons or McDonalds’ type of business and the rear car park developed for much needed housing.

    New Milton has so much potential I only wish I was the town development manager !

  6. Great news more jobs for those who need. About time Tesco’s got more competition. As for the old coop split it up into smaller shops. What new milton needs is affordable clothes shops. Not over priced
    Ones. As for a certain shop taking legal action do they not having anything else going on in their lives.

  7. It would seem Bradbeers bought a turkey and have now found they can’t do anything with it and are desperate to offload their problem. At the height of lockdown people were queuing in the rain to get into the supermarkets. One more must help if that happens again, not to mention the jobs which are needed. I for one, wouldn’t shop at Aldi if on the High Street.. far to congested already. Stick to your own business Bradbeers.. you don’t own or control the town.


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