Two years’ jail for man who posted naked picture of ex online

adam bray
Adam Bray got into his former lover’s Snapchat account

A MAN who hacked into his ex-lover’s social media to humiliate her by posting naked pictures online has been jailed for nearly two years.


Adam Bray (33), from New Milton, got into the victim’s Snapchat account – an app for sending and posting photos – to publish the image, which was seen by some of her friends.

In the process he also breached a court order that banned him from talking to her.

The woman told Southampton Crown Court in a victim impact statement that she felt “violated” by Bray’s actions. They had caused her a “great deal of embarrassment” and left her anxious and struggling to sleep.

Prosecutor Victoria Hill said Bray and the woman had been involved romantically but he was ordered not to contact her after he used a vodka bottle to smash three windows at her home earlier this year.

However, he contacted her over Snapchat at around 6am on 11th July noting she had changed the settings on the app to keep a record of messages he sent her.

He asked her to alter the setting so his messages would delete once she had read them. When she did not, he threatened to smash her car window.

About 10 to 15 minutes later, Miss Hill continued, the victim heard a smash outside. She looked out and saw the defendant and that her vehicle’s rear window was damage.

The victim took a picture of the damage, which she posted to Snapchat. But after doing so Bray “hacked” into her account and posted an “intimate image” of the victim.

It went onto her story, which could be seen by anyone, and was seen by at least 11 of her friends.

The offending image went up online for about 20 minutes but was deleted after the victim took the criminal damage picture off Snapchat, Miss Hill added.

Bray was arrested at his home address in Barton Court Road later that day, but in police interview denied the offences.

Bray has an extensive criminal history with 38 convictions including grievous bodily harm, battery, offences against emergency workers, supplying cannabis and possessing a blade in public.

He appeared before the court having pleaded guilty to criminal damage and disclosing a private sexual photograph with intent to cause distress.

He admitted committing those two offences also put him in breach of a suspended 26-week prison sentence.

Defending, Keeley Harvey pointed to his early guilty plea and said that while on remand Bray had attended courses to address his alcohol and drug issues and improve his thinking and attitude towards relationships.

At the time of the offences he had not been taking his ADHD medication but dabbled with illicit substances, she said. While he still harboured feelings for the woman, he accepted the relationship had grown “toxic” and that the pair were not going to reconcile.

He was very remorseful over his conduct and wanted to convey his deep apologies to the victim, Ms Harvey said.

“His main desire now is to put things right and move on with his life. He will get some further help to make sure he does not end up in this way again,” she added.

She gave a handwritten letter by Bray, who wiped away tears in the dock, to Judge Christopher Parker.

The judge said it demonstrated Bray could be articulate and thoughtful for the considerations of others over himself, and that he recognised his actions had been “shameful”.

But he also said the latest offending and Bray’s criminal history painted an “extremely unpleasant and grisly picture”.

Judge Parker activated the suspended sentence, adding 14 months on top for Bray disclosing the intimate picture online, making a total of 20 months.