History of a local newspaper


NM District Adv 1st Edition.indd

First edition of  the New Milton Advertiser is launched  – a single 16” x 12” sheet  which sold for 1d.  The first proprietor was Mr Kirby Wynne



The New Milton Advertiser is bought by Conrad Davies and CT Curry, who purchased a plot of land on Old Milton Road to house a second-hand printer. They also invested in a property in Lymington to found the Lymington Times.



Charles Curry RAF 02-11-2010 17-17-06

Charles Curry, son of CT Curry, joined the company as a 16 year old.



1st Press EDIT

A circa 1880 rotary press is installed at the New Milton office and run by Charles Curry. He is relieved by younger brother Teddy during World War II after Charles joined the RAF.



By now, the paper has increased to 8 pages and the combined circulation of the New Milton Advertiser & Lymington Times is 8,000.



Early 50s NMA

A Northern Press and Engineering Company rotary press was installed and situated in the building adjacent to the Advertiser & Times offices.

The press was limited to a paper size of 32 pages.



c1965employees EDITED

Mr C T Curry died aged 75 and his son Charles Curry (far right) took over as editor.



A 1950 Hoe and Crabtree Viscount printer, which the previous owner had converted to direct litho, is purchased and erected on the New Milton Site. The press was constructed over a period of five years and allowed a progressive change from hot metal to photosetting.



1995 last rpess run

The handover to Hoe and Crabtree Viscount is complete, and the last run of the old Northern Press and Engineering Company rotary machine was in October.



charles curry mbe 29-10-2010 14-30-10

Charles Curry is awarded an MBE for services to journalism.




The Advertiser & Times is believed to be the last newspaper in the country which still relies on hot metal, merging the old hot metal techniques with new computerised technology.



Last Linos EDIT

The end of an era when The Advertiser & Times said farewell to the last two Linotype hot metal machines after 70 years of service.



News reports and adverts are set on screen, and pages are now printed directly on to film before being processed for use on the printing press.



The press room crew
The press room crew

In an effort to modernise the internal systems, a new digital asset management and workflow software solution has been installed, which automates and manages advertisements prior to publishing. The modernisation also extends to the press room where computer-to-plate technology replaces the old camera and film systems.


2016 saw the first colour publications by the Advertiser & Times with the introduction of a fortnightly full-colour Property Focus followed by special publications showcasing the New Forest Show, New Forest Marathon, New Forest NPA Park Life and First Class.


This was the year the major decison was made to change from a black-and-white paper and relaunch in colour.

Months of work went in to designing the new look to go on smaller size pages, similar to the Daily Telegraph, which were to be printed under contract in Portsmouth. The big day was set for Friday January 26th 2018.

More colour came into the A&T during 2017 with the launch of Motoring Focus, a full-colour supplement which in 2018 will be united with the main paper.


Since 1928 the A&T has never missed a single edition. Graduating from hot metal to di-litho and now to computers, the presses keep rolling at the New Milton site to provide a highly-trusted weekly source of quality local news and information: The New Milton Advertiser and Lymington Times.

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